Furniture Warranty

All custom-ordered furniture in our store comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty against defects in the manufacturing process and materials.  Any items sold as floor models, Clearance or specified as being in “as-is” condition, are not subject to a manufacturer’s warranty, unless specifically noted on the Sales Order.  Please keep in mind that Manufacturer’s Warranties do not cover any sort of damage from misuse or abuse, or normal “wear and tear” in the customer’s home.

In order to extend your coverage, Orangeville Furniture recommends the purchase of an Extended warranty through Zucora.  This coverage steps in when the Manufacturer’s warranty ends.  In addition, it does cover the accidental damage that is not covered under warranty.

Our promise to you

Orangeville Furniture inspects all custom-ordered units upon receipt from the manufacturer, via a contracted furniture shipping company.  This process reviews for any damage that may have been sustained during the packaging and shipping process.  We typically identify any issues immediately, however, sometimes flaws that were not immediately noticeable to our inspectors do become an issue later on.  We ask that you initiate a warranty claim, as instructed in the below link, in order for us to claim on your behalf with the manufacturer.

Each manufacturer will have specific warranty inclusions and exclusions, but below you will find the most common items that are covered under warranties.  Please note that the following information is a generalized list and is subject to Manufacturer-specific guidelines, and further clarification should be taken at the time of ordering, or at the time of claim. 

  • All warranty claim items must be evaluated on an individual basis by the Manufacturer, and in most cases, repairs will be the first step, followed by replacements of the failed parts or portions. The manufacturer will make the decision as to the means of fulfilling their warranty.
  • Please note that all manufacturer’s warranties are non-transferrable, and must be claimed by the original purchaser.
  • When still covered under warranty, most claim resolutions include both parts and labour, but may only offer pro-rated labour costs after a certain amount of time, or under certain circumstances.
  • Transportation for Warranty evaluation or Service is subject to delivery/retrieval charges, if required.
  • None of our warranties cover usage in rental properties, business or commercial institutions or other non-residential uses.
  • Any evidence of abuse or misuse will nullify the warranty.
  • Claims made outside of warranty period, or requiring an evaluation, may incur costs to be paid by the consumer prior to final evaluation. These costs may or may not be covered under the eventual warranty resolution.
FabricsOne year from date of delivery, limited to manufacturing failures.  Warranty coverage does not include natural wear from use, pilling**, rips, tears, fading due to the sun, soiling, fabric pulls or denim dye transfer.  Please note that your fabric warranty is invalidated by any chemical treating, “Scotch Guard” or similar after-market treatment of your fabric.  Always follow manufacturer’s Care Instructions.
Zippers, tufting, seamsOne year from date of delivery, photographic evidence is always required.
Foam and Poly coresOne to five years, depending on the manufacturer, from date of delivery, photographic evidence and in-store evaluation are both almost always required.  Please note that foam padding does change over time, losing some resiliency, which can cause changes in the “tightness” of the fabric over the cores.  Please see Care Instructions on how to keep your foam and poly in their best state.
Mechanisms for reclining, or motion unitsTypically covered under limited lifetime warranties, but may be as little as 5 years, length of time is dependent on the manufacturer, and evaluations are almost always required, sometimes at a cost to the consumer.  Please ask us about the Zucora Extended Warranty Coverage at the time of purchase.
Frames and springsTypically covered under limited lifetime warranties, but may be as little as 5 years, length of time is dependent on the manufacturer, and evaluations are almost always required, sometimes at a cost to the consumer.
Wood FinishesExposed wood parts typically carry a 1-year limited warranty against material defects, which does not include any marking that may occur after delivery.  Photographic evidence is always required.
RugsOur rugs are covered under a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.  Please note that rugs do experience changes over time due to the wear nature of traffic patterns, and Pilling or shedding**.  Colour changes due to exposure to sunlight, heat, humidity, as well as improper maintenance are not covered under warranty.  Do not attempt to clean your rug with a wet process of any kind, as this will invalidate your warranty.


** Pilling or shedding is a characteristic of many upholstered fabrics and rugs, and is the result of excess fibre coming off of the surface of the material. This release of excess fibre over time and use results in small balls or pills of fibre forming on the surface. This condition is not seen to be a defect, it is simply excess material being released.  The concern on the part of most consumers is that the fabric is disintegrating and will ultimately leave a bald area on the cover. That is not the case; the pilling will persist until the excess fibre is gone and then it will cease. The best treatment while this is happening is simply to shave the cover or rug with a battery-operated furniture or sweater shaver to remove the pills and restore the look of the cover surface. This may need to be done three or four times, but the pilling on the surface will begin to diminish and ultimately stop.